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At FCA, we are about making an impact in a child’s life through education, regardless of their family background. Partner with us today to see lives being changed. 

FCA 2.0 Building Campaign

Around 50 million children in the United States enroll in school each year. However, only 10% of these students have the opportunity to receive a quality, private school education. This leas to a staggering dropout rate of 2 million students per year. Multiple challenges including failing educational systems, high teacher-student rations, and poor educational facilities keep millions of children from reaching their full potential.

You are KEY in helping us build the foundation for our future leaders.

FCA 7th Grade Core Courses

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Donations to Forerunner Christian Academy help us to offer educational services to families at a price that is affordable. In order to operate in this way, we depend on the generous donations from individuals and businesses who believe in the vision and values of Forerunner Christian Academy. Kindly use the link below to make your tax deductible donation today. Thank you!

Single Parent Fund
Widow & Orphan Fund

According to James 1:27, pure religion includes caring for widows and orphans. At Forerunner Christian Academy, we desire to do this by providing education for children of single parent homes at a reduced cost. If you would like to partner with us in providing for the widow and orphans in our midst., please use the link below to make your tax deductible donation today. Thank you!

FCA 7th Grade Core Courses