Extra Curricular

Israel Study Tour


The Israel study tour allows Forerunner Christian Academy students an opportunity to experience the Bible firsthand with their classmates and friends. This tour is led by Forerunner Christian Academy faculty. Parents are also encouraged to attend the tour and experience Israel along with the students.

A Peek at Some of our Extra Curricular Activities


Student Government Association

Our Student Government Association (SGA) offers junior high and high schoolers a chance to gain hands-on leadership experience within our school. SGA helps plan fun student events inside and outside of school while also focusing on ministering to those in our community through service outreach projects.


Bible Club

The Bible Club is a fun way for students to connect with each other while discussing and reading the Word. Students in the Bible Club choose passages and Scripture and work through those passages together developing skills in Bible study and Bible interpretation.


Spanish Club

Spanish Club is a fun opportunity for high schoolers to apply their Spanish from class by playing games and watching movies in Spanish as well as learning to cook authentic Spanish food!


Tutoring Club

Qualified high school students desiring to obtain service hours and tutoring experience are perfect for our Tutoring Club, where they have the opportunity to assist younger students with concepts they are struggling with as well as offer homework help.