About FCA

We believe a great education begins with laying a secure foundation.

We are a private Christian college-prep school in Kansas City. We feature small class sizes and gifted teachers to prepare your child to succeed in college and beyond.

Christ-centered foundation with Biblical integration

Forerunner Christian Academy features curriculum that integrates Biblical worldview within the lessons.

Fostering parent partnerships in a supportive environment

We believe that parents are the chief educators of their children. FCA features a parent-partnership-training model for students to feel supported on all sides during their formative years.

Equipping Leaders with a pursuit for excellence

At FCA, we exist to train up innovative leaders that will step out of high school into various career fields and effect transformation within their sphere of influence.

12:1 Student-Teacher ratio

Smaller class sizes allow for individualized attention to each and every student. Teachers scaffold their lectures to ensure that every student has the opportunity to succeed!

A College-Preparatory environment with a pathway to success

Rigorous academic training and advising equips students at FCA with the opportunity to pursue their college and career of choice.

Empowering lives and making a difference

At FCA, our teachers are invested in equipping the whole child: spirit, soul, and body. Students are then given the opportunity to serve their community as they grow in their gifts.

As the founder and director of Forerunner Christian Academy, I wish you a very warm welcome to our school! From day one, it has been a joy and honor to work alongside our faculty, staff, students, and families that carry our vision – training and equipping the next generation to prepare the way of our Lord. We dare to believe our students can make a difference wherever they go. Come join us as we labor together for our children to be burning and shining lamps for Him!

Suzanne Clough, Founder and Director
Forerunner Christian Academy is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.